mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Women and Prison Narratives in Morocco

The ultimate objective of the present book is to highlight the problematic of gender in transitional justice in Morocco through an understanding of the specificity of women’s sufferings during the period of grave human rights violations, in an attempt to highlight the healing process that women go through when they narrate their exposure to violence. The book will basically shed light on women's testimonies as witnesses and subjects of human rights violations during the years of lead in Morocco. These women unveil their sufferings as prisoners, mothers, wives, and sisters of ex- political detainees. Through written narratives and public testimonies, women narrate how they have lived these painful experiences as a female gender; their testimonies are a kind of gendered historical account. Through their narratives, they epitomize a compensation for their dramatic past. They also exorcise the agonizing experience of human rights violations out of their memory.

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