samedi 18 février 2012

PARUTION: Genre et mémoire

The new issue of the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies (JMEWS), Volume 8: Number 1, is available on shelves and online. This special issue, entitled “Gendered Memory in the Middle East and North Africa: Cultural Norms, Social Practices, and Transnational Regimes,” is guest edited by Bettina Dennerlein and Sonja Hegasy.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction (Bettina Dennerlein and Sonja Hegasy)
  • “Remembering Violence, Negotiating Change: The Moroccan Equity and Reconciliation Commission and the Politics of Gender” (by Bettina Dennerlein)
  • “Fatna El Bouih and the Work of Memory, Gender, and Reparation in Morocco” (by Susan Slyomovics)
  • “‘We Want to be Remembered as Strong Women, Not as Shepherds’: Women Anfal Survivors in Kurdistan-Iraq Struggling for Agency and Acknowledgement” (by Karin Mlodoch)
  • “Gendered Memories and Masculinities: Kurdish Peshmerga on the Anfal Campaign in Iraq” (by Andrea Fischer-Tahir)
  • “The (Little) Militia Man: Memory and Militarized Masculinity in Lebanon” (by Sune Haugbolle)

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