mardi 15 février 2011

Appel à candidature pour doctorants

Visiting scholarships to Denmark for PhD students in the Middle East and North Africa. 2 - 4 months Guest PhD Scholarships at Aalborg University, Denmark

WEP, the Nordic-Arab Network of Research on Women’s Empowerment, Gender and Politics, is pleased to announce 3 guest scholarships for PhD students working with gender research

Who: PhD students from the MENA region working on gender and politics (women’s political empowerment, policy changes and gendered rights, migration and labour market, media, religion etc.

Where: The Department of Economy, Politics and Administration Aalborg University, Denmark

What: We offer supervision and (shared) office facilities for the visiting scholars. Insurance, travel and accommodation expenditures will be covered.

When: August- December 2011

Deadline for applications: March 1, 2011

Applicants should fill out the application form

The selection of PhD students for the scholarships will depend on scholarly benefits for the PhD students.

Applicants should register at the WEP network

Please find more information on the WEP Network here

Information: Please contact:

Professor Anette Borchorst at Aalborg University or professor Fatima Sadiqi, professor Amal Al Kahrouf, professor Drude Dahlerup

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