lundi 29 novembre 2010

Muslim Women's Digital Geographies

I would like to announce a call for chapters for an edited collection "Muslim Women's Digital Geographies". The collection aims to bring together research on Muslim women's diverse activity on the Internet that may span personal writing, debates in discussion groups, political activism, networking and other forms of interaction with other people and audiences. The collection is interdisciplinary, and welcomes perspectives from all disciplines, be they Islamic studies, social sciences, technology studies, gender studies, fashion studies, linguistics, art, politics and many others.

When I synthesised and analysed existing research relevant to my PhD topic, which was, incidentally, "Muslim Women's Online Discussions". It focused on religious interpretations produced by Muslim women in online discussion groups, I realised that it would be great to create an edited book that would bring together current research in what is

definitely a growing subject area. With the PhD now done and dusted, I have embarked on this new project. At the moment I am talking to Routledge and Zed books to establish if they would want to publish a title like this, and they have expressed a definite interest, but to create a serious proposal I would need to have short abstracts from those interested in contributing. Therefore, I would like to ask anyone interested to send me a 150-word abstract of their proposed chapter by 30 March 2011. I also ask for distribution of this email to all relevant networks, as there may be other people who I have failed to identify and who might be interested in contributing. Please feel free to email with inquiries.

Contact details: Dr Anna Piela

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