jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Appel à Communication

Sociolinguistics Symposium, SS18, Southampton (United Kingdom), 1-4 September 2010.

panel « Feminisms in Discourse »

Description of panel:

The terms ‘feminist’/’feminism’ are viewed in a variety of ways today: with suspicion and antipathy, as outmoded and redundant, or as a rallying self-identity marker for particular purposes, depending on the interactants and the situations. This panel seeks to explore how notions about ‘feminists’ and/or ‘feminisms’ are construed explicitly in and through discourse i.e. how that gets to be talked about, represented, or acted upon in ways that may be sympathetic, disengaged, hostile, cooptative and so on, in texts and talk of everyday life. Papers, based on sizeable empirical data, should clearly outline the analytical framework and methodology used in the study, and provide explicit and systematic analysis of the communicative strategies evident in the data. The panel aims to investigate the myriad ways in which ‘feminists’ and ‘feminisms’ are understood by women and men (and girls and boys) in a variety of communicative settings, and cultural and (inter)national contexts. A variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives is welcome.

If anyone, whose research fits within the concerns of the panel, and would like to participate, contact at

Initial expressions of interest by 26 October followed by abstracts of 500 words by 4 November.

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