lundi 23 février 2009

Women Entrepreneurs in the MENA

(CERES, Tunis 16-18. April 2009)

Research on women entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean region is rare. This multi-disciplinary conference, which will be held at CERES on 16-18 April 2009 will bring together participants from different disciplines and from a variety of Mediterranean countries, with the aim of discussing the relevant methodologies, concepts, and statistics that may help us better understand the reality of this sector of society, and to understand the role of women entrepreneurs. The conference will explore :
  • The cultural, economic, and psychological mechanisms that encourage or block the emergence and development of women entrepreneurs in the region, and the uses that these women make of new technologies in order to support their activities.
  • The impact of educational content and of training on the development of models for women entrepreneurs, as well as the targeted strategies to combat stereotypes and encourage women entrepreneurs' access to the market.
  • The role of the media in promoting the visibility of women entrereneurs, the diffusion of "success stories" and the implications of this for national and regional economic and political life.
  • The legal provisions and support structures adopted by the different Mediterranean countries to encourage a gender-based approach to entrepreneurial activity and to combat the cultural and fiscal barriers that women face in gaining access to micro-credits, and to bank loans and financing.
  • The role of national, regional, and international organizations in consolidating the activities of women entrepreneurs, in strengthening the opportunities available to them, and in promoting business ethics.
  • Researchers offering critical reflections and reflections based on the testimony of women entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply.
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