vendredi 30 mai 2008

EWIC Scholars Database on Topics Concerning Women, Gender, and Islamic Cultures

Voici l'adresse d'une base de données sur "femmes, genre et cultures musulmanes" et un appel à experts pour participer à la continuation du projet:

The EWIC Scholars Database is an invaluable listing of scholars from all over the world and from all disciplines whose work focuses on a large variety of topics concerning women, gender, and Islamic cultures. Based on the authors database for the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, this free on-line publication offers a searchable database connecting scholars, students, practitioners, and activists with each other and with NGO's, governmental agencies, and potential employers seeking researchers whose work specifically covers issues on women and gender related to Islamic cultures.

The online database, funded by a grant from the International Development Research Center (Ottawa), is published at http://sjoseph. ewic. We would like to invite additional experts (including graduate students) to participate in this project.
Please visit our website at http://sjoseph. ewic/index. htm which includes a link to our scholars template as well as other EWIC resources.

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