lundi 3 décembre 2012

Journées d'étude: The Trouble of Love in the Arab World

Le 14 et 15 décembre, le Laboratoire d'anthropologie culturelle et sociale (Université de Lausanne) organise des journées d'études intitulées: The Trouble of Love in the Arab World. Romance, Marriage and the Shaping of Intimate Lives. 

Organisateurs: Corinne Fortier, Aymon Kreil, Irène Maffi et Samuli Schielke

Extraits du descriptif: Until recently, love has often been too neglected when studying gender dynamics outside Europe and northern America. Especially in regard to the Middle East and North Africa – and by extension, Middle Eastern and/or Muslim migrants outside the region – gender has become a major field of research while love has gained only little attention. This absence is especially striking given the fact that both in present and past times, love, seduction, romance, and courtship have been major preoccupations in the lives of people of all social classes and religious communities and all around the Arab World. Furthermore, all these aspects of life are well documented in poetry, prose, music, and mass media. (...) First of all, how do people experience the tensions between romantic attachment, sexual intimacy, and marital union? What kind of gender relations are involved in seductive and romantic encounters when women and men do not have the same options to express their affection? How do these experiences interact with social and religious norms like gender segregation, kinship and family, and, in many locations, with middle class ideals of individual success in all their diverse possible forms? How do individuals cope with the uncertainties about their desires, and what strategies can they mobilise to deal with their social environment according to their supposed needs through confrontation or/and negotiation?

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