dimanche 24 juin 2012

PARUTION: Empowered or Not? Moroccan Women MP’s Strategies to Empowerment

Titre: "Empowered or Not? Moroccan Women MP’s Strategies to Empowerment"
Auteurs: Hanane Darhour & Salah-Ddine Krit
European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-216X Vol.77 No.2 (2012), pp.174-186

In the late decades, a global movement started calling for women’s political empowerment through increasing their visibility in political power positions by using gender quotas. The implementation of an electoral gender quota in Morocco started in the legislative elections of 2002 which gave access to 30 women to the parliament. This paper’s thesis sets out to prove whether the introduction of the quota system in the 2002 elections in Morocco was really empowering to these quota women, or it has merely resulted in tokenism, manipulation and an unsustainable representation of women. The paper argues that while gender quotas do well in fast-tracking women’s political representation numerically, they do very little to enhance women’s substantive political empowerment except in the presence of certain favourable circumstances and the usage of certain enabling strategies. Engaging the attitudes of male and female MPs in Morocco, this paper sheds light on the various strategies women MPs use to enhance their political performances/empowerment in the parliament.

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