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World Congress on Islamic Systems 2011

World Congress on Islamic Systems 2011 (World-ISLAM2011)
28th – 30th November 2011
The Shah Alam Convention Center, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Those who missed to submit an abstract for incoming World Congress on Islamic Systems 2011, may directly submit a full paper for review before 15th October 2011.

Islamic Systems are defined as any system that conforms to the rules and tenets of Islam. Islamic Systems can appear in any forms, and can be proposed, designed, developed, established and used by anybody, so long as in the end, they lead towards benefitting human beings (and other creatures) and the means are not in contradiction to Islamic teachings.

Islam has a lot to offer as solutions to the today’s world problems. Be it in education, politics, social, economy, finance, judiciary, science and technology or etc. Slowly, but steadily some of the systems have emerged as alternatives and solutions to the current problems inadequately catered for by the other systems. Islamic banking and financing, for one, is regarded as the fastest growing market today. Its instruments reflect justice, and its customer base has expanded much beyond the Muslim communities.

It is therefore imperative that the Islamic principles are being seriously considered as the qualifying criteria in developing any systems for the betterment of today’s and future conditions of living. This involves eradicating the misunderstandings, constructing the confidence level, establishing the mechanisms, setting the policies besides developing and packaging the solutions. Today everything has to be properly structured in order to make it implementable. It must also be based on clear evidences rather than simplistic “belief” in order to make them successful in the competitive global environments, as the audience is no longer limited to the Muslims.

The inaugural World Congress on Islamic Systems 2011 (World-Islam 2011) is held in view of the importance of establishing platforms, at the global level for workers in any fields related to the development and implementation of any Islamic Systems. This includes the whole value chains, from the development of knowledge and theories to their conversion to practical systems to the standardization of their deployments. The congress is made up of several concurrent conferences as listed below.

World-ISLAM2011 endeavours to:

1) Bring together a large number of scholars, experts, researchers and practitioners from around the world and give them the opportunity to interact and network with each other.

2) Discuss, analyze and share the experiences in the development and implementation of various Islamic Systems in different scenarios

3) Exchange ideas and views to improve and enhance the quality of Islamic Systems

4) Explore new solutions derived from Al Quran and Hadiths.

The main theme of World-Islam 2011 is: “ISLAMIC SYSTEMS: CONTRIBUTING TO THE WORLD”

The theme focuses on the contributions that Islamic solutions can provide to the world communities. The organisers strive to highlight that Islam has a lot to offer to the world as proven during the glorious era of Islamic enlightenment several centuries ago.

The co-located, concurrent conferences within the congress are listed below. The contents are open within the respective scope and are not limited to the lists provided here:

Conference on Islamic Social Systems (CISS): Concept on Islamic Social System (Philosophy, Concept, Objectives and Application); Community System (Moral and Values, Community Relations, Association in Minority Country); Islam and Gender (Right and Equality, Roles of Women according to Islam, Conflict between Islam and Liberal System); Islam and Family Institution (Polygamy, Inheritance, Marriage and Divorce); Inter-religious Dialogue (Philosophy, Concept, objective and Application)...

Conference on Islamic Economic and Financial Systems (CIEFS): Concept on Islamic Economic System (Philosophy, Concept, Objectives, Comparison and Applications); Muamalat (Waqaf, Islamic Financial System, Hisbah); Land (Land Ownership and its Current Applications, Lease, Government Responsibility for Land Management, Land Developers, Land Division)...

Conference on Islamic Political Systems (CIPS):
Islam and Democracy (Differences and Similarities, Formation Political Party); Leadership Qualities in Islamic Politics; Women Participation in Islamic Politics; Islamic Movemen (Philosophy, Concept and Applications)...

Conference on Islamic Law Systems (CILS):
Introduction in Islamic Law System (Philosophy, Concept, Objectives and Applications); Wilayah Raddi Mazalim (Philosophy, Concept, Objectives and Applications); Adultery Law enforcement (Concept and Applications);...

Conference on Science and Technology from Islamic Perspective (CSTIP):
Miracles of the Al-Quran and Hadith; Scientific Miracles of the Al-Quran, Historical Miracles of the Al-Quran, Predictions in the Al-Quran, Mathematical Miracles of the Al-Quran, Perfection of the Al-Quran from the Literary Aspect...

Conference on Islamic Quality Systems (CIQS)
: Foundations of Islamic Quality System; Integration and Complementation with Existing Quality Systems; Al Quran and Hadith Evidences on Quality; Quality Practices in the Time of the Prophet and Sahabat; Halal Industries...


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