dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Gender and the Global Care Economy

The Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) will hold its Annual Conference on 11 October 2011 in Geneva on the topic of Gender and the Global Care Economy. The one-day event is co-organized by the Graduate Institute (Program on Gender and Global Change) and the University of Geneva (Institute for Gender Studies).

In recent years, the global care economy - employing mainly female workers - has become globalized, leading to transnational labor markets and ensuing migratory effects. The conference will shed light on the topic of female care workers in the context of a global reorganization of territories, authorities and rights. It attempts to reply to following questions:
  • What are the main trends in the care economy's transnational labor market and what are the observed ensuing migratory effects?
  • What are the local manifestations of the globalized care economy and how do policy makers react?
  • What effects can be expected - both internationally and locally, from the recently adopted ILO convention on domestic workers?

Speakers include:

  • Esther BUSSER, Assistant Director, Geneva Office, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
  • Laetitia CARRERAS, Centre de Contact Suisses-Immigrés (CCSI), Geneva
  • Yves FLÜCKIGER, Professor of Economics, Vice-Rector, University of Geneva
  • Délphine GARDEY - Professor in Contemporary History, Head of the Gender Institute, University of Geneva
  • Martin OELZ, Legal Specialist on Working Conditions, ILO
  • Mélanie JACQUEMIN - Sociologist, French National Institute for Demographic Studies, Paris
  • Rhacel Salazar PARRENAS - Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • Elisabeth PRÜGL - Professor, International Relations/Political Science, Vice-Director, The Graduate Institute
  • Parvathi RAGHURAM - Reader in Human Geography, The Open University, Milton Keynes (UK)
  • Shahra RAZAVI - Research Coordinator, United Nations Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)
  • Saskia SASSEN - Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, New York

The event is also to celebrate the winners of the 2011 International Geneva Award. Three prizes are awarded for articles in international studies which are deemed particularly relevant for International Organizations.
Detailed program and on-line registration at: www.snis.ch
Registration deadline: 30 September 2011
The number of available seats being limited, we recommend early registration. Participation is free.

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