mercredi 6 juillet 2011

APPEL A COMMUNICATION: Nordic-Arab conference in Fez

The Nordic-Arab conference on Addressing Gender and Politics North and South will take place in Fez, Morocco Oct.31- November 2nd 2011. It is organized by the Nordic-Arab Network on Women's Empowerment, Gender and Politics (WEP).

Conference themes:
  1. The political empowerment of women
  2. Women, activism and the media (old and new)
  3. Gender and migration
  4. Gender segregation in formal and informal work
  5. Gender and religion
Deadline for abstracts: 25 August 2011

Registration for Arab participants : Professor Fatima Sadiqi,

Registration for Nordic participants : registration Inge Merete Ejsing-Duun, Aalborg University:

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