mardi 7 juin 2011

Arab Women Research Hub

Vous trouverez une autre annonce sur la création d'une plateforme électronique cherchant à réunir tous les travaux existants sur le genre dans le monde arabe:

Dear all:

I'm in the process of launching a website called "Arab Women Research Hub" this summer. The site is the icing over a completed research project that I conducted on Arab Women in Arab News and was funded by QNRF- Qatar National Research Fund. The outcomes of this project include several published studies, a book the will be published in January 2012, this website and hopefully a conference on Arab/Muslim women to be held in Qatari during 2012.

The site will help scholars and researchers who are studying Arab women. In researching my own book and articles on representations of Arab women in media, I discovered two things. First, the scholarly literature on Arab women is burgeoning and spans an enormous range of disciplines, from literature and the arts to the psychology of gender, religious studies, translation, communication, political science, moral philosophy and not least human rights. Second, I found there is no current site on the social web where scholars can post original reviews of the existing scholarship to function as a clearinghouse and discussion forum for scholars interested in learning about the new and established scholarship on Arab women.

The site will act as a discussion forum on Arab Women for both scholars and interested readers. It will be designed for scholars and researchers who wish to post reviews of established and emerging research on Arab women. Reviews of novels, poetry, academic books, journal articles, conference presentations and proceedings dealing with Arab women are welcome. Readers are also encouraged to submit annotated bibliographies of scholarship on Arab women to assist young scholars entering the field. The site will also include lists of sites on Arab women, and a calendar including local/regional/and international events.

I would like you to invite you to get involved in any way that suits you. I'm collecting the date that will get published on the website, and your contribution is most welcomed and can be:
  • list of websites on Women in general and Arab women in specific.
  • Articles on Arab women- either articles by you that have been published elsewhere or original articles to be published on the site
  • book reviews on Arab women
  • add to the site's calendar of events
  • videos on Arab women- I welcome original videos by women from all over the world on matters that are universal to all women and specific to Arab and Muslim women
The site is supposed to serve as a research hub and will hopefully be the first step towards bringing together women writers, activists, and scholars and thinkers from different disciplines. The next step will be turning this on-line gathering into one where we all can meet in real life and exchange ideas whether in workshop or conference format. Those who will be working with us and contributing to our site will always have the priority to attend or participate in any future events.

You can contact Dr. Amal Mohammed Al-Malki at

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