lundi 18 avril 2011

Gender-Based Violence in the Arab World

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese American University is soliciting articles for a forthcoming issue of its quarterly publication Al-Raida on the topic: “Gender-Based Violence in the Arab World”.

Gender-based violence has become one of the most pressing concerns at the global level. The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women was passed in the General Assembly in December of 1993 highlighting the urgent need for responding to gender inequality. The Beijing Platform of Action listed violence against women as one of the twelve critical areas of concern identified. Understanding and reacting to gender based violence has intensified over the years with Kofi Annan declaring violence against women as “the most shameful human rights violation” and one that has no geographic, cultural, educational, or economic boundaries. Gender-based violence has also broadened in context and found itself on the security agenda with rape officially recognized in international law as a weapon of war. This issue of Al-Raida seeks to further the discussion on gender-based violence and to examine its translation and practice at the local and regional level. How is gender-based violence being addressed in the Arab World?

We are interested in receiving papers based on academic studies or critical essays that address concerns related to gender-based violence in the Arab World. Topics of interest may include but are not limited to the following:
  • The various forms of gender-based violence in the Arab World
  • Gender-based violence in times of conflict and crises
  • Domestic violence in the Arab World
  • Domestic workers and gender based violence
  • Prevention of gender-based violence
  • Legally condoned forms of gender-based violence in the Arab world (e.g. marital rape, honor killings, FGM, etc.)
  • Prosecution of gender-based violence
If you are interested in contributing to this issue of Al-Raida, kindly send your abstract (250-300 words) no later than May 20, 2011. All abstracts submitted are reviewed by Al-Raida's editorial staff and are subject to its approval. Once the abstract is approved contributors will have to submit their paper no later than August 10, 2011. Submissions are accepted in English, Arabic, or French. All non-English submissions will be translated by IWSAW and published in English following the approval of the author.

This journal edition will be edited by Dr. Rita Sabat, Assistant Professor of International Relations at Notre Dame University, Louaize. Kindly send your emails simultaneously to the managing editor, Ms. Myriam Sfeir, at and to the guest editor, Dr. Rita Sabat, at

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