mardi 8 février 2011

Proposition de stage pour réalisateur

The non-profit organization Dar Si-Hmad for Development, Education and Culture, based in Ifni, Southwest of Morocco is offering an internship this coming summer to a documentary film-maker. Starting June to mid July 2011 Dar Si-Hmad is launching its fog-collecting project in order to provide drinking water to Amazigh communities living in the Anti-Atlas Mountains and relieving women from an average of 3.5h/d to the chore of fetching water. The intern will film the building of the nets, all the interactions around this event within the villages and especially among the women. Dar Si-Hmad is equally interested in filming all other scheduled activities and events within the organization. The qualified candidate needs to know some Spanish, should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in anthropology (or equivalent field), preferably with an understanding of indigenous rights, development and gender issues, have experience in documentary film-making, some film-editing, and have various computer skills. The successful candidate needs to be ready for some rough climbing and basic living conditions.

Dar Si-Hmad will pay for an economic round-trip plane ticket, New York—Agadir—New York. Once on the premises in Ifni and the Mountain, the successful candidate will have all of their living expenses paid for: transportation, housing, food, and internet access. Dar Si-Hmad requires that the candidate come with their own Health and Travel insurance. Dar Si-Hmad will provide the candidate with a Sony HD Z-7 Camera (and microphones, headphones) and will work with the steering committee on a detailed work plan with intended results. All the film’s footage is the property of Dar Si-Hmad.

To apply please visit our web-site, development programs section. Fill application and send along with CV, a one page statement, two names and email addresses for referees to with “Documentary Application” in the subject area. The deadline for the application is Tuesday 5th of April 2011, 12 am GMT.

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