lundi 9 novembre 2009

APPEL A COMM: Veiled Orient - Unveiled Occident?

Une conférence internationale intitulée : "Veiled Orient -­ Unveiled Occident? Stagings in Politics, Law, Art, and Culture since the 19th Century" aura lieu du 3 au 5 juin 2010 à l'Université de Zurich.

Extrait de l'appel à communications:

The conference wishes to approach the topic of ‘The Veil’ from a historic as well as a current socio-political perspective. The practices and representations of veiling and unveiling in Muslim as well as Western societies since the 19th century shall be analysed, thereby identifying the cultural and gender specific codes employed. One important aspect will be the relationship between modernism and colonialism. Contributions are welcome on topics like the Western view of the ‘mysterious harem woman’ in art, film and literature, representations of veiling/unveiling of truth in religion, philosophy and ideology, as well as their historic and political semantics. Furthermore, religious forms of veiling/unveiling in different societies and cultures and their respective embedding in social and political situations shall be looked into. Concepts like religious freedom, transnational feminism, civil rights and human rights can be discussed. Forms of veiling/unveiling in Western culture could be a topic as well: for example the elegant city lady or the diva in art, fashion, culture and film. Deconstructions of Western clichés of the veiled woman in Islam, as presented in the works on violence and migration of contemporary artists, will be looked into as well. Last but not least, one can analyse how the image of the veiled Muslim woman is used in Western media. The conference will explore the question of how veiling and unveiling in Europe and the nations of the Islamic world is being politically and juridically regulated.


DATE LIMITE (envoi des propositions): 30 novembre 2009

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