mercredi 9 septembre 2009

CALL FOR PAPERS: Veiled Constellations

Title of the conference: Veiled Constellations: The Veil, Critical Theory, Politics, and Contemporary Society

Organised by: York University, Toronto - Canada

Co-sponsored by: Department of Political Science (graduate program), Centre for Human Rights, Graduate Students' Association, Centre for Refugee Studies, Department of Sociology (graduate program), Department of Communication and Culture (graduate program), York University

date: June 3-5, 2010

This conference offers a forum to problematize the prevailing discourses surrounding the veil while exploring the veil's subversive potential. The extent to which the veil can erode, or even invert power and oppression is, with the exception of various Islam-inspired positions, an overlooked and under-explored area of academic theorizing. We ask what new insights may be unearthed in moving beyond the impetus to repudiate, fear, or adore the veil. This conference is a unique opportunity to discuss those contested voices situated within the interstices of the liberal, conservative and Islamic constellations, and, in the process, to re-evaluate the veil in an entirely new light by intersecting multiple disciplinary perspectives. read more

Deadline: October 1st, 2009


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