mardi 11 août 2009

Appel à contribution : The Journal of International Social Research


THE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL RESEARCH welcomes papers, book reviews or news and reports for its forthcoming special issue reserved for WOMAN STUDIES to be published in 2010 April. This issue will be merely dedicated to the scholarly studies of all aspects of women's issues at global level in Turkish or English. The articles to be selected for publication will be primarily on topics concerning women rights, the socio-cultural aspects and position of women in society as well as particular legal issues. Articles are accepted from all disciplines such as architecture, art, communication, literature, sociology, psychology, anthropology, law, political science, economics and cultural history. A special part will be reserved for the book reviews about the recent publications on woman studies as well as news and reports on important scientific events. This special issue will be published under the editorial of guest editor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Netice Yildiz, art historian (Eastern Mediterranean University) who had been the editor-in-chief of KADIN/WOMAN 2000.

Main Catagories will be as follows:

Mother - Child - Family

Woman & Architecture

Woman & Art

Woman & Economics

Woman & History

Woman and Health

Woman & Literature

Woman & Media Studies

Woman & Music

Woman & Politics

Woman in War: Migration

WomAn's Fate: Domestic Violence

Woman's Role in Conflicts - Peace Movements

The deadline for submitting papers is en of 30 September 2009. The authors should submit their papers electronically to and (cc) . All papers will be selected through a referee evaluation process. Originality is expected from the articles to be submitted and not to have been published in any other form. An author cannot submit more than two articles. Upon the receipt of the article the authors will be requested to sign a declaration that their work will not be submitted anywhere else until the termination of the evaluation process and do the requirements prior the publication, regarding the text corrections and copyrighted material. Please see the the web site of THE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL RESEARCH for details about the manuscript submission.

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