mardi 12 mai 2009


The OECD Development Centre would like to share with you news of an exciting initiative that may be of interest to you, your students and colleagues.

In March 2008, the OECD Development Centre launched WIKIGENDER, an innovative Internet platform where information on gender equality can be exchanged, debated and shared amongst scholars, policymakers, students as well as anyone with an interest in gender issues. Since its launch, over 100, 000 people from around the world have visited and contributed to the site, highlighting Wikigender's growing importance as a resource for high-quality information that reflects the diverse interests and backgrounds of its users.

As the driving principle behind Wikigender is to promote public debate and discussion on gender equality issues, we encourage all users to actively contribute to the content of the pages by drafting new articles, discussing current issues or posting information on upcoming events. By involving the public in the gender debate we will not only broaden knowledge on gender equality, but will encourage people to become active stakeholders in the quest to improve the situation of women and men around the world.

The OECD Development Centre initiated Wikigender, but the content of the site depends for the most part on the interest and activism of external users.

Visit today and join those who have already shared their expertise. For organisations and institutes, we would equally like to invite you to become a partner of this initiative. Do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in exploring this possibility.

Please help make this initiative a success by spreading the word about Wikigender among your students and staff, and note that Wikigender will also be released in French soon!

We hope to welcome you soon as a regular user and active contributor of Wikigender. We hope to see you soon on!

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