lundi 11 mai 2009

Appel à Communication

Fall California State University conference on Middle East and Islamic Studies
San Francisco State University October 16-17, 2009.

It's going to be an unusual conference, in that it's not the expected format of giving and listening to papers; instead it will consist of workshops designed to facilitate collaborative work and the building of formal or informal research teams. There will be 6 workshops which should lead to edited collections, collective grant proposals, or future conference panels and workshops, for instance for MESA), as well as working on ways electronically and otherwise to disseminate teaching ideas.

  • Workshop I: About That Other Middle East (The Non-Muslim One)
  • Workshop II: Iran: Thirty Years After the Revolution
  • Workshop III: Teaching the Middle East through the Humanities: Representing the Region through Literature, Art and Film
  • Workshop IV: Islam in Mughal Historiography
  • Workshop V: Human Rights in the Middle East and the Muslim World
  • Workshop VI: State-Society Relations in North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim Asia
We can send you a flyer to post (write to Carel Bertram But the details of the workshops and how to send proposals is posted on this website. Call For Papers close May 30th.

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