jeudi 15 janvier 2009

National Women Studies Association Journal

Middle Eastern Women's Issues, Debates and Priorities
Appel à Contribution

Despite the growth of the academic field of women in the Middle East, and the number of women graduates who have made contributions to their countries in the Middle East and globally, large gaps in theory, methods, policy and action still exist. This proposed Special Issue for the National Women Studies Association Journal provides a platform for scholars and activists from the Middle East, North America, Europe and other parts of the world to fill gaps and speak out about the front and center issues and debates that they consider to be priorities facing women in the Middle East. This Special Issue will focus on the diversity of women in the Middle East to consider how the intersections of gender with geography, history, culture, religion, class, age, language, the environment, political structures and social change affect their lives. The Special Issue serves to provide in one place a forum that documents research, theory, analytical frames, and learned lessons from women in the Middle East about the issues and debates affecting their lives.
The editors are inviting one-page proposals (along with a short biography, CV or resume) that explore, but are not limited to, the following:

1.The issues that are considered priorities facing Middle Eastern Women in the Third Millennium: What are the commonalities and differences from nation to nation within the region and globally? How are these concerns prioritized and why? In what ways can those issues be ameliorated? What conditions, structures, and resources are required to address these priority concerns of women in the Middle East?

2.How should we proceed in the future to advance the reality of thèse priorities for Middle Eastern Women? How can scholars and activists support research agendas to address the issues and debates of priority for women in the Middle East?

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