jeudi 18 décembre 2008

Nouveau portail : Gender, Citizenship and Governance

"Everything you want to know about Gender, Citizenship and Governance in one portal"! Gender, Citizenship and Governance (GCG) is an information portal that provides access to more than 200 free, full-text electronic resources.

What the portal offers is a searchable digital library of:
- E-publications
- Websites (including wiki's, blogs)
- E-newsletters
- E-discussion (lists & forums)
- Bibliographic databases
- Directories of organizations and projects
- Audiovisual resources

The resources are selected by information specialists and provided with keywords and leads. Extended search facilities will enhance your results. On the home page you will find the latest news, upcoming events and featured highlights of the portal's new and key electronic resources. The portal also provides access to dossiers, information guides that offer in-depth information and selected key resources on a particular theme. The dossiers in the GCG portal are spin-offs from thematic books published in KIT's Gender, Society & Development series. The portal will be updated with new information resources added regularly. The portal's RSS and e-mail alert service will keep you informed of the latest resource additions, news and events. We invite you to visit the GCG portal and welcome comments and suggestions.

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