lundi 15 septembre 2008

Third International Congress on Islamic Feminism

The Third International Congress on Islamic Feminism has been announced by Junta Islàmica Catalana (Catalonian Islamic Board) and will take place in Barcelona, 24th-27th October 2008. The Third International Congress on Islamic Feminism will focus on the problems of Muslim women in the globalization era, who are facing a double oppression: economic (neo-liberalism) and political (religious fundamentalism). We will analyze the response given by Islamic feminists regarding this situation, and their contribution towards the construction of a new worldwide civil society, based on a culture of human rights and universal values such as democracy, social justice, freedom of conscience and gender equality. The relationship between global feminism and Islamic feminism. Various strategies for improving Muslim women's rights promoted by human rights associations on a national and international level. A panel that will be focused on masculinity and the involvement of men in Islamic feminism.

Related issues
: Third world feminism; Millennium Goals of UN; Alliance of Civilizations; access to education; feminism, culture of war and communal violence; feminism and Islamism; secularism, cultural diversity and human rights; interreligious dialogue; Quranic hermeneutics; spirituality and feminism.

Objectives : To continue with the achievements of the First and Second Congress on Islamic Feminism, contributing towards the emergence of a pro gender equality Muslim women's movement, on a theoretical and practical level. To analyze the strategies undertaken by Muslim feminists to cope with new forms of oppression arising from globalization, with particular emphasis on the alliance between neo-liberalism and religious fundamentalism. To place Islamic feminism in the context of globalization, as part of global feminism and in relation to the anti-globalization movement. To help consolidate Islamic feminism as a transnational movement through the creation of networks of organizations working in the field of women's rights in Islam.

Distinguished Muslim personalities will be attending, such as Bouthaina Shaaban, Syria's Minister for Refugees and candidate for Nobel Peace Prize; and Baroness Uddin, the first Muslim woman becoming member of the House of Lords in Britain.

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