dimanche 13 janvier 2008

The Guardian weekly sur Fatima Sadiqi

Pour tous ceux et celles qui aimeraient en savoir plus sur la chercheuse marocaine Fatima Sadiqi, un article intitulé "A voice for Moroccan Women" et paru ce mois dans le Guardian Weekly. En voici un extrait:

A voice for Moroccan women

"Climbing the academic ladder in a male-dominated Islamic country has had its challenges. Although I am now accepted, nothing was given to me or could be taken for granted. Patriarchy and glass ceilings come to mind. I started at the lower end of the social scale, and from there I learned to navigate the whole spectrum – possibly better than someone born to a more privileged position who might see only her environment. I consider it empowering that I started at almost zero.

Originating from a rural Berber village in the region of Azilal, Morocco, I became multi-lingual (Moroccan Arabic, written Arabic, French, English and some Spanish) through hard study and also moving to the city. My mother is illiterate. She was 14 when she married, and as I’m the eldest of her nine children she is more of a sister to me."



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