lundi 27 août 2007

Article sur le dernier travail de F. Sadiqi

Un article vient de paraître dans Ms.Magazine sur le travail de Fatima Sadiqi qui porte sur la langue berbère et l'émancipation féminine.

Women’s Words
A Moroccan scholar-activist links language and power

By Aimee Dowl

UNTIL 2007, MOROCCAN women who married foreigners could not pass citizenship to their children—who had to apply, year after year, for residence permits to live in their own country. Finally, after decades of feminist protest, parliament has guaranteed paternal and maternal equality in determining nationality.

The new citizenship law follows the 2004 Moudawana (Family Law), which entitles women to a range of civil rights. The minimum marriage age was raised from 15 to 18; women may now wed without the consent of a male wali (marital tutor); polygamy is restricted to cases in which wives, including the new bride, consent by written contracts approved by a judge; and men may no longer unilaterally “repudiate”—divorce—their wives without compensation.

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